Australian Iranian Community Organisation

Australian Iranian Community Organisation, (AICO), is the official representative of Iranians living in New South Wales.

AICO is a Non- profit, Non- religious Non- political organisation.

It is recognised by NSW and Federal governments. 


 The Members of Management Committees are elected by General Assembly for three years. Management Committee is responsible for leading and managing the Organisation and representing the Community.

 Aims :

   1-Maintain the unity of Iranians leaving in NSW 

   2- Assist Farsi speaking people of NSW to settle more quickly in Australia.  

   3-Develop social and culture activities based on three pillars of Good thoughts, Good words and Good deeds

• Current Management 

Committee members and portfolios:10402398_1325077207507764_4479417148583002549_n

   1- Siamak Ghahreman    Chairperson 

   2- Tina Khakpour             Secretary

   3- Behrooz Ehsani           Treasurer 

   4- Vahid Govahi              Media and Computing 

   5- Giti Taymoori             Event support 

   6- Kamran Behzad          Committee member